When you are working to fill a vacant position, you can’t always rely on just an enticing vacancy announcement to secure the skilled candidates you need. Many professionals don’t immediately decide consciously that a role is worth pursuing, even if they find the job post engaging. Some may have questions they need to ask to feel confident in applying. Additionally, if you are actively headhunting, you may need to initiate contact and personally present the opportunity to potential applicants, piquing their interest through your own efforts.

In these scenarios, your call with a prospective applicant is critical. As you discuss the role, you have the ability to sway their decision to apply, potentially increasing or decreasing the chance the professional will enter the recruitment process. In order to manage this conversation successfully, here are some best practices for gaining interest.

Build Trust and a Rapport

When you speak with a prospective applicant, it may be tempting to launch into a hard sell. However, this approach can be off-putting or may have an undertone of desperation, which won’t play in your favor.

Instead of immediately focusing on why the job is worth considering, concentrate on building trust and a rapport. Be pleasant while exchanging greetings and introductions. Keep the tone light and friendly, and mention what about the person’s background prompted you to reach out. A little bit of praise and admiration can go a long way when you are breaking the ice, so don’t shy away from discussing one of the prospective applicant’s recent accomplishments or experiences you find impressive.

Additionally, ask them questions about the pluses and minuses of their current role. This allows you to establish a greater interest in who they are and what they bring to the table. Plus, it ensures the conversation initially focuses on the prospective applicant and not your needs.

Once that is complete, provide the prospective applicant with an accurate overview of the role. Make sure the description is compelling but also honest, as hiding details that may not be as enticing will backfire if the person learns you weren’t fully open about what the position involves. Honesty is the foundation of trust, so don’t skew an aspect of the job in a way that makes it appear as if it is something it isn’t.

Showcase the Benefits and Perks

As with the attraction phase of the recruiting process, highlighting what the company can offer the prospective applicant is critical for gaining interest. You need to clearly outline an enticing value proposition, and this involves showcasing what your company brings to the table.

Discuss the benefits package openly, including the availability of medical, dental, and 401K options. Also discuss any available perks, like access to health and wellness programs, incentive plans, a convenient physical location, work-life balance options, development and advancement opportunities, and anything else that can make the position seem like a wise decision on a personal and professional level.

Perform a Comparison

If you have a solid understanding of the prospective applicant’s current position, highlight how the role you are trying to fill is better than where they are today. This discussion can include anything that makes your job stand out, including financially sound company, better compensation, more perks, a motivating culture, more room for development and advancement, improved work-life balance, a shorter commute or any other point that supports your case.

Discuss the Long Term

While your primary goal may be to fill a specific vacancy, letting the prospective applicant know what the future can hold will make the opportunity more enticing. Along with discussing professional development and any room for advancement, cover topics like the availability of mentoring, career planning services and existing defined pathways for moving up in the company. This allows the prospective applicant to easily visualize how the role could assist them with their long-term goals, increasing the odds they will choose to apply.

Ultimately, gaining someone’s interest requires effort. However, by following the tips above, you can craft an engaging value proposition, making it easier to convert a prospective applicant into a genuine candidate. If you would like to learn more, WorldBridge Partners can help your company create a streamlined recruitment process for finding top-tier candidates. Contact us to learn more about The WorldBridge Way and how we can make engaging the skilled professionals you require easier than ever.