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Manufacturers of highly engineered products have a myriad of challenges to deal with, not the least of which is an acute shortage of labor at all levels. Hiring smart, talented, committed people from factory floor to executive management has become increasingly difficult. The labor shortage has required companies to focus effort and resources on factory automation, lean manufacturing and development of continuous improvement cultures. Staffing these areas represents an increased challenge but is a necessity for companies committed to growth, despite labor challenges. We have deep roots in these areas and can assist in locating people that fit your culture (or the one you wish to create) and know what to do when they arrive. Areas of manufacturing expertise include Engineering, Operations, Quality, Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Supply Chain, Lean Manufacturing, Continuous Improvement, Human Resources and IT.

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Our Process

The manufacturing search team follows a five-step process.

One: Consultation

The search consultant conducts an in-depth needs analysis with your senior leadership team. This process ensures understanding of your objectives; the specific experience and qualifications required; your company’s culture; what’s most important in the first 3 to 6 months; traits you have identified in people who succeed in your culture and people who have not.

Two: Research

A dedicated researcher identifies organizations nationwide where qualified candidates are likely to be employed. Further research identifies the appropriate positions within these organizations and finally, the individuals holding these positions.

Three: Recruiting

The researcher and recruiter narrow and prioritize the list of potential candidates, and the recruiter begins the work of contacting those professionals by phone, maintaining complete client confidentiality in the process. That list can range from 75-200 potential candidates depending upon the position, the industry, geographical requirements, and other considerations.

Through these initial phone interviews, the recruiter determines which candidates merit further investigation. Those who appear qualified and express interest in the position are asked to send supporting documentation and qualifying information.

Four: Presentation and Interview

The three to five most qualified candidates are selected for presentation and interview. You receive an in-depth profile covering candidate background, experience, accomplishments, leadership traits, product knowledge and career motivations. We assist in scheduling interviews and preparing candidates for meetings with your team. We conduct debrief sessions with you and candidates to assess degree of interest and fit for them and for you. We work with you to schedule shortlisted candidates for final interviews and decision.

Five: Offer and Post Hire Follow-up

Once you have identified the candidate you wish to hire, we present a verbal offer with the objective of gaining agreement within your stated parameters. After reaching an agreement, we request that you structure a formal offer letter we will present to the candidate for signature. At that point, we pass the baton while remaining in contact with you and the candidate for the first 90 days of employment to ensure mutual satisfaction.

When the match is correct, everyone wins!

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