The recruitment phase doesn’t begin when a candidate applies to a vacant position; it actually starts much earlier. In order to secure top talent, you need to entice candidates, attracting them to the opportunities you have available.

In order to attract highly skilled individuals, you must speak to their priorities. Merely listing your requirements and expectations is insufficient, as this doesn’t let the candidates know about the value they receive if they choose to apply and are selected for the role.

Essentially, you need to sell candidates on a few ideas, including your company as an ideal place to work,  and the compensation meets their financial needs, and the role is meaningful, both in a personal and professional sense. If your goal is to attract the best talent, here’s what you need to address.

Quality of Life

A professional’s quality of life is impacted by a variety of work-related factors. The most obvious connection is the compensation, as a competitive salary and strong benefits package affects their overall lifestyle, both immediately and in the future. Highlighting the salary range and valuable benefits – such as medical, dental, and 401K – ensures the candidate understands what you can provide.

Other factors that influence quality of life are your physical location and company culture. Your company’s location can impact quality of life in a few ways, including the amount of time employees spend commuting and the accessibility of amenities. The culture influences how a workplace feels, something that can significantly impact morale, job satisfaction, and productivity.

Professional Development

Unless you are hiring for a top-level position, showcasing professional development opportunities that are available with your company is critical if you want to attract leading professionals. Aside from candidates that are looking for the final role in their career path, most have goals beyond their next position. By demonstrating you are willing to invest in their growth and provide opportunities for advancement, you are more likely to be considered an employer of choice. You are injecting a strong value proposition into the equation, increasing the odds that you can attract the ideal person for the role.

Greater Meaning

Many professionals want to make a positive impact on the world around them. This goes beyond simply performing their duties and enhancing the bottom line; they also want to know their efforts connect to the big picture.

Showcase how the position helps the company achieve its mission. Clearly outline how the role influences the development of products or delivery of services and how the duties improve the lives of customers. This approach gives the position a greater purpose beyond profitability and internal operations, making the work inherently more meaningful to the selected employee.

Ultimately, attracting top talent requires you to flip the script and focus not on what the candidate can do for you, but what you can do for the candidate. By using the tips above, you can clearly demonstrate the value of working for your company, increasing the odds that you will find the skilled professionals your business requires to excel.

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