How to stay motivated during times of change and uncertainty

Organizational and business strategy changes are an integral part of the working world. Revising workflows, modifying strategies and hiring new talent are all necessary adjustments that are parts of the ebb and flow of any successful company. Ultimately, change is the means by which organizations keep up with advancements in technology, variations in the jobRead More

The Perk-Cession Is Under Way at Some Companies

Big companies from Silicon Valley to Wall Street are scaling back the office extras many employees have come to expect The ping-pong tables have turned. Companies are cutting back on prized employee perks from fancy coffee to free cab rides as they vow to trim costs and prioritize efficiency. These extras, above and beyond traditionalRead More

Is the Best Award No Award?

March 13, 2023 Recognition can motivate, or it can create resentment and undermine teamwork. Rick Bohan, Brandon Davis, Ron Jacques Rick asks his students if they would be in favor of implementing a “Golden Broom” award at an imaginary manufacturing plant that would be given to the department that was the cleanest and most orderly.Read More