Have you modernized your employee review practices?

Traditional business practices are being shaken up. Many companies are reviewing their long-held traditions in favor of more agile, responsive ways of managing workers.  Some of these changes include providing employees with flexibility to work from home more often, and leveraging technology like Skype for Business or Yammer to better communicate and share information amongRead More

Points Systems Won’t Get Your Employees to Show Up on Time

Punitive scoring brings out the worst in everyone. March 28, 2023 Carl Livesay Attendance and tardiness are a constant challenge. This is especially true when working with unskilled labor. Each occurrence is accompanied by an excuse or an explanation. Explanations are offered by reliable, trustworthy team members who rarely experience difficulty getting to work. ExcusesRead More

How Big Companies Choose Who Is Laid Off

Process can involve weeks of debate as employee performance, skill sets are reviewed By Chip Cutter, Wall Street Journal Soon after a company decides to cut its head count, the debate begins: Who should go? In the current economic environment, a final decision can take weeks, according to executives and corporate advisers. Workers remain inRead More

Job Openings in Manufacturing Remain Elevated

March 9, 2023 Ryan Secard Separations are slowing, but the number of job openings is still higher than the number of people looking for work. While job openings in the overall economy are falling, unfilled positions in manufacturing remain roughly stable. The latest Job Openings and Labor Turnover report from the Department of Labor foundRead More

More Companies Start to Offer Daycare at Work

A persistent labor shortage and Biden administration incentives for chip makers are motivating more companies to explore on-site childcare By Te-Ping Chen Wall Street Journal On-site daycare is a rarity in American workplaces, but new government incentives and companies eager to attract and retain talent could soon make that benefit more common. The Biden administrationRead More

Long-Robust U.S. Labor Market Shows Signs of Cooling

Long-Robust U.S. Labor Market Shows Signs of Cooling Private-sector readings show job postings receding more than government reports of job openings By Jon Hilsenrath and Bryan Mena Wall Street Journal March 1, 2023 5:56 pm ET Demand for U.S. workers shows signs of slowing, a long-anticipated development that is appearing in private-sector job postings evenRead More

Burned Out, More Americans Are Turning to Part-Time Jobs

The number of people working part-time rose by 1.2 million in December and January—most were people who chose it. ‘25 hours is the new 35.’ PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY ANDREA D’AQUINO FOR THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, GETTY IMAGES (3) By Lauren Weber Feb. 25, 2023 12:00 am ET Part-time work is exploding. The number of AmericansRead More

How Companies Can Lose Workers Without Imposing Layoffs

Issuing subpar performance reviews or requiring relocation can thin ranks By Chip Cutter Feb. 26, 2023 5:30 am ET Companies are shedding some workers without imposing layoffs. Amid a wave of job cuts hitting U.S. white-collar workers, a number of employers are taking other approaches to manage their workforces. Some are adding new restrictions on remote work,Read More

The Truth About the Four-Day Workweek, From People Who Have Tried It

Some bosses say hours worked is the best proxy for productivity. Many workers say output is the only metric that matters.   By Gretchen Tarrant Feb. 25, 2023 5:30 am ET More companies are experimenting with the four-day workweek, and workers who have tried it are divided on how fruitful an abbreviated schedule can be. Hundreds ofRead More

Over Half of US Manufacturing Employees Plan to Leave Their Jobs in 2023: Survey

Feb. 27, 2023 Surveyed factory workers cite PTO and high-tech facilities as top personal priorities for their workplaces. A new survey of factory workers by Austin, Texas-based business software company Epicor reveals that high turnover is likely to remain a major feature of the manufacturing sector through 2023, and that many frontline workers tend toRead More