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U.S. job openings hit eight-month low, labor market still strong   By Lucia Mutikani | WASHINGTON U.S. job openings fell to an eight-month low in August and hiring was little changed, suggesting some easing in labor market conditions amid an aging economic recovery. Still, details of the Labor Department's monthly Job Openings and Labor TurnoverRead More

Remember to Say Thank You!!

Throughout your job search process never forget to extend common courtesies. This starts with saying please and thank you as often as possible. You will always compete with other job seekers, who often don’t even send an email saying thank you. Imagine how much you would stand out and differentiate yourself from your competition, byRead More


The battle for talent is heating up at banks, according to several findings from the Crowe Horwath LLP 2016 Financial Institutions Compensation Survey. Turnover is up, staffing levels are increasing and plans to pay employees at an above-market rate also increased. During and after the recession, many more banks reduced or held back on staffingRead More

Resume Tip For The Week

“References available upon request,” or the more archaic practice of listing them on your resume, is long gone. Employers expect that if they ask you for references, you will provide them. Including them on your resume wastes valuable space that you could use for more important details. Keep your references on a separate sheet ofRead More

Millennials aren’t really the start-up generation, new nationwide poll finds

From: The Washington Post We often think of millennials as the “start-up generation” — apt to jump from job to job in pursuit of the next cool technology or popular idea. In an article published on recently, Hillary Clinton called millennials “the most open, diverse and entrepreneurial generation in our country’s history.” Millennials areRead More

Jobs Recovery Reaches Plateau, Posing a Challenge for Forecasters

Jobs Recovery Reaches Plateau, Posing a Challenge for Forecasters Companies, Fed policy makers, investors struggle with mixed signals in labor data U.S. employers have consistently added jobs since late 2010, but other measures of the labor market have stalled out, and remain weaker than before the recession. ARG   EU.S. employers have consistently added jobsRead More

Resume Tip for the Week

Toward the top of your resume should be a list of key skills employers are looking for and that align with the positions you’re seeking. Not only does this quickly convey your abilities to employers, it also appeals to resume scanners. Make sure to include exact match keywords from the job opening.

U.S. Household Incomes Surged 5.2% in 2015, First Gain Since 2007

Census Bureau reports the largest annual gain since it began releasing such data in 1967 By NICK TIMIRAOS and   JANET ADAMY Updated Sept. 13, 2016 7:29 p.m. ET 1540 COMMENTS A surge in U.S. incomes last year delivered the first significant raise for the typical family after seven years of stagnant and declining earnings, the resultRead More

Interesting Article On Company Culture to Review

8 Ways To Communicate Your Company Culture By Laura Hamill September 7, 2016TLNT Culture is the single most important factor in organizational success or failure. It tells employees how to behave, how to do their jobs and how “things are done around here.” But would your employees, middle-management and executives all describe your culture theRead More