It is easy to get depressed or frustrated when you’re conducting a job search. This is especially true when your job search is taking much longer than expected! A Job Search can be extremely isolating and if you are not a sales person, the entire process can take you out of your normal comfort zone.

This is a great time of year however, to be grateful for what you have learned throughout your job search. There are things you’ve done right and things you’ve probably done wrong, but as a result you’re better prepared to conduct the remainder of your search.

An extended job search can also put you under financial stress, which limits your choices. However, there are reasons to be thankful and grateful. These reasons could include any of the following:

Family, Friends, Home, Good Health, Freedom and the ability to conduct your job search are positives to appreciate. End each day asking yourself about the highlight of your day. Ending each day on a positive thought will help you stay positive throughout the difficult job search process.