The White-Hot Demand for Engineering Talent Is Cooling, but …

The White-Hot Demand for Engineering Talent Is Cooling, but ... Feb. 22, 2024   ... the ratio of job listings to engineers is still more than 3-1. Here are some recruiting tips for manufacturers.   For most manufacturers, the ability to recruit and hire talented engineers is central to their long-term growth. From research &Read More

Time to Let Young Leaders Take Control

The management style of the next generation -- leading with the heart -- is the key to future success says Bill George, former CEO of Medtronic. No more waiting. It’s time for current leaders to move the next generation of leaders to their rightful place. A bold statement perhaps, but Bill George, the former CEORead More

How to Rally the Troops at Work When They’re Older (and Maybe Wiser) Than You

Generations are colliding at the office—and in the corporate hierarchy ILLUSTRATION BY ROB DOBI FOR THE WALL STREET JOURNAL By Rachel Feintzeig Aug. 20, 2023 9:00 pm ET Congrats, you’re the boss. The only problem is your team knows more than you. “You could be my granddaughter,” Jasmine T. Clarke, a 43-year-old program manager inRead More

5 Tips for Growing as a Leader without Burning Out

June 13, 2023 The former president of Kraft Foods shares how to think holistically about your career. Kellogg Insight Most people realize that growing as a leader takes effort. But the path forward is not always obvious, says Sanjay Khosla, senior fellow and adjunct professor of marketing at the Kellogg School and trained executive coach.Read More

So, You’re a Leader Now. Forget Everything You’ve Learned

May 12, 2023 Leading people requires a whole different set of skills than distinguishing yourself in project-based work. Katie Anderson For companies to thrive, it is critical they have leaders who cultivate cultures of innovation and engagement. Leaders who align and leverage the creativity of their people are needed now more than ever: to createRead More

When Leaders Show They Trust Their Workers, a Positive Culture Takes Root

Trust starts at the top and trickles down through the organization, not the other way around. Carl Livesay People are a manufacturing business’s greatest asset. They are also the only asset that appreciates in value in direct proportion to investment. We can purchase most anything our businesses need, provided we have the financial resources. AnythingRead More

Have you modernized your employee review practices?

Traditional business practices are being shaken up. Many companies are reviewing their long-held traditions in favor of more agile, responsive ways of managing workers.  Some of these changes include providing employees with flexibility to work from home more often, and leveraging technology like Skype for Business or Yammer to better communicate and share information amongRead More

The Secret to Happier Employees

Trust gets better results than control. Control is costly to enforce not only monetarily, but it rents valuable headspace. Ashleigh Walters March 15, 2023 Manufacturing companies want to know how they can recruit, hire and retain more employees. The secret is not what you may expect. You have heard the phrase “Money doesn’t buy happiness.”Read More

Ace the Alignment

Feb. 15, 2023 Empowered execution is key. People on the front line have to understand the priorities of the company and be ready and able to make decisions that make a difference. Carolyn Hendrickson At this point in the year, most businesses have set their goals, are putting final touches on their strategic plans, completingRead More

5 Things to Look for in Your Future Leaders

Feb. 7, 2023 Bosses tend to be more about the power of their position, while a good leader looks at the influence of their position. Jay Richards One of the main reasons employees leave their companies is because of their boss. Note that there is a difference between a “boss” and a leader. When youRead More