How managers can best motivate top-performers

Top-performing employees are a critical force at your company, capable of 400 percent greater productivity than the average worker, according to research published in Personnel Psychology. Beyond their personal output, top talent inspire and motivate other employees to do their best work. But top performers need to be motivated, too, and this is largely theRead More

How company benefits can motivate you to remain engaged

Did you know that 75 percent of employees prefer increased benefits rather than a raise? If you're someone who finds more value and motivation in things like employee development, tuition reimbursement and even wellness programs, these figures from the Employment Confidence Survey probably don't come as a surprise. However, if you are someone principally drivenRead More

One of the Hottest New Jobs Aims to Tackle Employee Burnout

More companies hire ‘employee-experience managers’ to help improve worker productivity, loyalty and retention   By Ray A. Smith Jan. 18, 2023 One of the fastest-growing roles at U.S. companies aims to address a rise in worker burnout and disengagement. The job of employee-experience manager barely existed several years ago. Now the position ranks fifth in LinkedIn’s 2023 list of theRead More