‘It’s Not My Responsibility’ to Save the Office Economy

Hundreds of workers told us why they aren’t coming back to the office Gretchen Tarrant, Wall Street Journal If there’s an overarching truth in the workplace right now, it’s this: Many workers don’t want to go back to the office. Plenty of bosses say they should. The result is a stalemate. Office-occupancy rates have stagnatedRead More

Bosses Push Back on WFH Die-Hards: ‘They Will Need to Show Up’

Managers say team productivity has taken a hit as employees stay remote By Gretchen Tarrant, Wall Street Journal Office attendance is slumping again and bosses have a warning: We are a worse company when you stay home. In buildings across 10 major U.S. cities, office occupancy has fallen back below 50% for the past threeRead More

New Grads Have No Idea How to Behave in the Office. Help Is on the Way.

As the Class of 2023 enters the workforce, employers are seeing a lack of the skills necessary to navigate the office. The solution: instruction on how to send an email, the right way to buttonhole the boss and what not to wear. JUSTIN METZ By Lindsay Ellis Follow Recent graduates might be great at accountingRead More

Why High-Powered People Are Working in Their 80s

They joke that retirement is boring, but some acknowledge a deeper fear of becoming irrelevant if they quit By Callum Borchers The first thing to know about people who shun retirement to work past age 80 is that they are probably busier, and possibly cooler, than you. One said an interview would have to waitRead More

Mondays Are the New Office Fight

Bosses argue that starting off the week in person—instead of remotely— creates good energy By Anne Marie Chaker When Jeff Hornstein asked his staff to come back to the office on Mondays, he says, it didn’t seem like such a big ask. The executive director of the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia wanted regular goal-settingRead More

5 Tips for Growing as a Leader without Burning Out

June 13, 2023 The former president of Kraft Foods shares how to think holistically about your career. Kellogg Insight Most people realize that growing as a leader takes effort. But the path forward is not always obvious, says Sanjay Khosla, senior fellow and adjunct professor of marketing at the Kellogg School and trained executive coach.Read More

The Benefits of Eavesdropping on Office Conversations

Employees—and bosses—can learn a lot of useful information by listening in on the chatter around them By Alina Dizik June 10, 2023 9:00 am ET It is one of the hardest things about working in an office: You are constantly overhearing other people. Sometimes it is just distracting chatter. Sometimes it is the proverbial “tooRead More

How to Tell if You’re the Office Jerk

It isn’t easy, because people don’t like to give negative feedback. But there are ways to find out— and fix things. By Daniel Yudkin and Tessa West June 11, 2023 12:01 am ET We all know who they are. The colleague who takes credit for others’ contributions. The boss who seems to enjoy embarrassing subordinates.Read More

When Employees Leave a Company, Others Often Follow

A study finds that high-performing employees were more affected by layoffs than low performers By Lisa Ward June 10, 2023 11:00 am ET   When employees leave a company—voluntarily or not—they often inspire their peers to leave, too. That is the conclusion of a recent paper that studied attrition at a major retailer. Among other things, theRead More