The White-Hot Demand for Engineering Talent Is Cooling, but …

The White-Hot Demand for Engineering Talent Is Cooling, but ... Feb. 22, 2024   ... the ratio of job listings to engineers is still more than 3-1. Here are some recruiting tips for manufacturers.   For most manufacturers, the ability to recruit and hire talented engineers is central to their long-term growth. From research &Read More

Less Hiring, Less Quitting, Few Layoffs

Less Hiring, Less Quitting, Few Layoffs Wall Street Journal January 4, 2024 U.S. job openings in November fell to the lowest level in more than 2½ years, underscoring the labor market's gradual slowdown from the frenzied pace of hiring and quitting that marked an earlier phase of the pandemic recovery. Job openings slipped to 8.8Read More

Want Better Results? Focus on Creating Happiness

Want Better Results? Focus on Creating Happiness Oct. 30, 2023 It's a workplace quality that's hard to measure, often misunderstood, and essential to building good teams. Katie Anderson Happiness. It can feel like a buzzword sometimes when discussing the importance of team engagement and employee retention, two crucial aspects of owning a business or leadingRead More

The New Headache for Bosses: Employees Aren’t Quitting

Just last year, companies were struggling to keep staff. Now, they say not enough people are leaving their jobs. By Chip Cutter Nov. 6, 2023 The white-collar labor market is softening to a point that companies are encountering an issue that would have been unthinkable in the era known as the Great Resignation. These days,Read More

Workers Are Doing Less Work for the Same Pay

Employers are offering more paid time off in a strong labor market. Employees are using it. By Jeffrey Sparshott Oct. 30, 2023 5:30 am ET Americans are increasingly getting paid for not doing work. Growth in paid-time off—including family leave, sick leave and vacation—is widening the gap between the number of hours for which workersRead More

You’ve Never Had It So Good. That’s Why You’re Stuck.

The low interest rates and high salaries of recent years have people staying put; part of the American dream slips away By Joe Pinsker and Callum Borchers Oct. 13, 2023 5:30 am ET Across the country, people want to find better jobs, bigger homes and even nicer gyms. But making any of those leaps rightRead More

Time to Let Young Leaders Take Control

The management style of the next generation -- leading with the heart -- is the key to future success says Bill George, former CEO of Medtronic. No more waiting. It’s time for current leaders to move the next generation of leaders to their rightful place. A bold statement perhaps, but Bill George, the former CEORead More

Job Market Cools but Is Far From Freezing

The pace of hiring is slowing, but employers would rather hang onto their workers than lay them off By Justin Lahart Follow Aug. 29, 2023, 12:27 pm ET The heady demand for workers that the pandemic kicked off is subsiding. But even as worries about the economy persists, employers are in no rush to startRead More

‘Reservation Wage’ Reaches New High

The base salary level that American workers demand before accepting a new job rose to a new high this year, due to persistent inflation. The New York Federal Reserve reported in its July employment survey on Aug. 21 that the average “reservation wage,” or the minimum acceptable wage that workers will take to switch jobs,Read More