By Chip Cutter
March 2, 2023, 1:34 pm ET
Many bosses are calling workers back to the office. One big U.S. company told people hired on a remote basis that they need to start coming in.
The financial-services company USAA notified some staff on Monday that they would soon be required to show up in an office three days a week, according to a company email reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.
The policy applied to some employees hired into remote work arrangements during the pandemic. If someone lives within 60 miles of a company office, they would now be considered a hybrid employee, regardless of whether they were hired into a remote role, the email said.
Many employers have stepped up in-office requirements in recent weeks. The USAA policy stands out in that the company is reclassifying remote workers as hybrid employees. It couldn’t be learned how many employees might be affected by the change. The San Antonio company has employees who work in remote, hybrid or purely in-office roles, spokesman Christian Bove said.
Financial services company USAA notified some staff that they would soon be required to show up in an office three days a week.PHOTO: USAA
“Our vision is to bring employees together for meaningful interactions and purposeful, in-office connections as a cornerstone of how we develop our employees, collaborate as a team, and innovate to serve our members,” Mr. Bove said.