No matter what business you are in, it has been impacted in some way by COVID-19. Some companies were forced to furlough employees, temporarily lay off certain people, and even close entirely. 

Not many companies have taken a chance to examine the perks of the new job market, such as top talent being furloughed at this time. As leading executive recruiters, we continue to see now is the perfect time to scope out new, skilled individuals because the market has never been this rich with available workers! Here is how.  

New Recruiting Dynamics

In the workplace, the 2020 pandemic posed a human resources issue immediately. Not only were businesses forced to deem which positions were and were not essential, but it also opened the door for many of their employees to search for new work. This is a good time to evaluate all your employees in 3 areas: Do they get it? Do they want it? Do they have the capacity to do the job? If they score less than a perfect 3, they may be better off in a different position within your company, or outside your company.

The key to attracting top talent to your company during this time is to adapt your outreach strategies. You may consider researching companies who have furloughed employees and seeing talent that may be currently looking for new work. While LinkedIn is a great tool, if you don’t have the time or expertise to leverage it, you should contact industry recruiters like WorkldBridge Partners, who own the best technology and tools and have deep relationships with the top industry talent that may be hard for you to find, attract and recruit.

Additionally, you will want to change your recruitment marketing message. Be sure that it is clear that you are looking for flexible employees. Include information about your organization’s mission statement and be as transparent as possible. Think about every place a potential candidate may encounter your brand and be sure there is an opportunity to apply.

As far as recruiting and hiring, the process has completely changed. Companies need to update and refresh online job postings and your interview process is likely 100% virtual. To do this, hiring managers have had to alter their screening process while trying to keep the duration of the process the same. In June, one WorkldBridge office placed both an SVP of Sales and Chief Revenue Officer with two different companies, and the company hiring team and candidate never met in person. The new normal! 

2020 Recruitment Best Practices 

To take full advantage of the fresh talent on the market, your company should consider altering the interview process and screening requirements. For the most part, you won’t be meeting in person. Use technology to assist you in your search. Sites like LinkedIn will even notify you when someone is open to receiving job pitches. 

During the interview process, be sure each candidate can work effectively from home. Inquire about whether they have a quiet, designated workspace, a good computer, and a reliable internet connection. Also, do not be afraid to schedule more than one video interview, where you should still ask the candidate to present their 90-day business plan. If planned properly, the remote interview process can save time and money and allow you to attract better talent than your competitors. 

Once the person starts, you will likely need to onboard them virtually. This should be led by the Human Resource Department who, in addition to completing an orientation and required documents, can order a cell phone, laptop, business cards, review benefits, company culture, and standard operating procedures. Conducting onboarding virtually requires a wellorganized communication plan and then frequent followup, especially if the new employee will be working remotely long term. Working alone can be lonely and hearing from you and HR at least a few times per week is important, especially in the first three months. The working world is changing around us, so flexibility is the watchword.