Released on July 27, 2020

Applications for US jobs increased by 11.3% in the second quarter, job board Resume-Library reported today. It also found that marketing was the industry that saw the biggest spike in people looking for work.

“Millions of Americans have had no choice but to file for unemployment, as businesses continue to suffer at the helm of Covid-19,” said Lee Biggins, founder and CEO of Resume-Library. “As a result, we’re seeing a big spike in people registering their resumes online and searching and applying for new jobs.”

The company listed the top 10 industries with the largest spikes in job applications during the second quarter:

  1. Marketing, up 127.9%
  2. Finance, up 69.1%
  3. Education, up 53.4%
  4. Sales, up 41.8%
  5. Human resources, up 24.4%
  6. Customer service, up 21.7%
  7. Engineering, up 14.5%
  8. Accounting, up 8.9%
  9. Healthcare, up 3.7%
  10. Security, up 3.6%

Among job titles that saw the biggest increases in searches were physician assistant, data analyst and nurse practitioner.

“Our findings offer a snapshot into the job market and the types of roles people are searching for,” Biggins said. “Unfortunately, it’s been pretty slim pickings in terms of job opportunities, but we are starting to see more vacancies being advertised.”

Original author: Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) | Daily News