Released on July 20, 2020

A majority of people, 74%, would like to work at home more frequently than in the past even after the pandemic subsides, according to a poll by insurance provider Chubb.

It also found that 37% report being more productive while working from home; a third say their productivity is similar to what it was outside the home.

And 83% say they are working the same or more hours at home as compared to the office. Among the responses, 37% said they are working longer hours at home, including 17% who are working more than 10 extra hours per week.

However, 60% reported that distractions from family, housemates or pets sometimes make it difficult to work from home.

About one in 10 wealthy survey respondents reported being the victim of a cyberattack while working from home.

The poll took place between May 26 and June 4.

Original author: Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) | Daily News