Today’s employers focus most of their hiring advertising in the digital sphere. From website, to social media, to online advertising and more, chances are you’ve embraced the latest technologies to establish your brand and set yourself above the competition. Does that mean that print marketing is no longer relevant? Not at all. The most effective marketing campaigns are those where digital and print work hand-in-hand as a comprehensive whole.

Here are three ways that print marketing can supplement your digital hiring efforts in 2019 to help your company stand out.


If you attend recruiting events or want to give interviewees an impactful takeaway when they leave your office, consider the possibilities of colorful brochures. This can range from a single sheet with bullet points about why the candidate should consider working for your company to a comprehensive magazine-style publication offering career management and job search tips to candidates. You can illustrate the potential of your industry as a whole or your company in particular to engage career-minded candidates. These too can be made into digital brochures on your career page.

Business Cards

If you are at a networking event or just casually encountering candidates in your daily travels, chances are you won’t be carrying a stack of brochures. That’s why you should unlock the potential of your business cards. Use the space on the back of the card to share a compelling marketing message that will remind the candidate of who you are, your company vision or mission statement, and why they should consider a career opportunity at your firm.


This is a print advertising format many people forget about. But you have a captive audience of commuters who may not be currently looking for a job, but could be compelled by your offer. Consider both placement and content in putting forth your branding and messaging. People look to billboards for new customers, but few employers consider the possibilities of recruiting through billboard advertising.


If your organization is struggling to attract high-quality talent, it may be time to review new options. If you would like additional recruitment options, consider partnering with the experts at WorldBridge Partners Chicago NW who specialize in Commercial Printing, Direct Marketing, Large Format and Labels nationwide for 22 years. We can help you attract hidden and passive individuals that might be the best fit for your organization.