There’s no denying that hiring and retaining top talent has become harder than ever before for many organizations. Between the skills gap and an increase in job-hopping, there are many barriers to finding candidates who are not only highly qualified but who have the potential to be long-lasting employees. Unfortunately, many hiring managers are discovering it’s no longer enough to post a job opening and simply hope that the best candidates flock to it.

Here are three ways in which you can develop a hiring strategy that engages top talent and attracts candidates to your organization:

Highlight Your Culture

It’s important to remember that the best candidates will have many employment options. Highlighting your company culture in all aspects of the recruiting process is one of the most powerful things you can do elevate your company in the minds of candidates and show that you’re on the cutting-edge of innovation and growth. When you reflect a positive culture, candidates will inherently be drawn to your mission and picture themselves being part of your team. There are many ways to convey your company’s culture, including engaging job ads, social media and videos. The more you can share your culture, the more traction you’ll get from candidates who are most aligned with your mission and values.

Look at the Data

When it comes to attracting and closing candidates, there’s no shortage of data about how to increase the quality of talent you bring to your organization. According to a recent LinkedIn article, up to 53 percent of candidates get information from a company’s website before applying to a job, while approximately 40 percent seek information on LinkedIn first, others go to Glassdoor. This means your online channels must be highly optimized and engaging, as they have the power to make or break a candidate’s decision to pursue employment at your organization. Additionally, the 2017 Global Recruiting Trends report indicates that employee referrals are the top channel for quality hires. Therefore, establishing an employee referral incentive program can dramatically increase your talent pool and result in hires with long-term growth potential within your organization.

Promote Career Advancement

The best candidates in any industry are likely seeking positions in which they can advance and grow their careers. One of the most effective ways to attract top-notch talent is to showcase opportunities to progress within your organization. For example, is there a mentorship program? Do employees have access to advanced professional development? Does your company offer relocation options? Promoting these assets throughout your recruiting procedures can be impactful in helping candidates envision their future at your organization for the long haul – rather than just a temporary job.

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