Almost any knowledgeable workforce development specialist will tell you how important culture is for a company’s success. Without a clearly defined culture, an organization is at serious risk of losing employees and experiencing an inevitable loss of growth. However, despite the attention frequently garnered by this concept, it’s often unclear what truly forms a positive and productive culture. There are many factors involved in the culture-building process that can influence a company’s reputation, employee retention efforts and bottom line. Here are just some of the factors at play:


The way in which your leadership team communicates is very telling of your company’s culture, especially with regard to vision, values, and employee empowerment. Employees who feel informed and included in organizational decisions tend to be more invested in their employer’s mission, rather than just their individual job and responsibilities. Implementing communications methods that engage with every person at your company is critical to ensuring inclusion and collaboration at all levels – from entry-level workers to the CEO.

Continuous Learning

It’s difficult for an organization to evolve without a culture of learning. Developing a “learning culture” in which employees are constantly challenged and exposed to the best training and development is a core part of engaging your team. Investing in your people through trainings, mentorship and team-building will give your employees the skills, confidence and tools they need to improve and make a meaningful impact in their roles.

Work-Life Balance

You can’t expect to have a positive culture if your employees are miserable, tired and overwhelmed. Making work-life balance a priority is key to creating a work environment in which employees can be engaged, productive, and most importantly, healthy! Some ways you may create a sense of work-life balance may be to offer flextime or remote working options, or by being a more fun & collaborating environment. By evaluating the demands of your industry, you can establish policies that best align with your company’s operational needs.

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