Job Hunting Advice:

If no one is returning your calls, it’s time to change the message you leave. Too often your message is basically “Hi, I’m a salesperson and I want to SELL the idea of you hiring me, call me back!” Of course, that is not your actual message, but too often your voice mail messages are self-serving.

Other examples would be: “I’m calling for an update,” “I’m calling for a status report,” “I’m calling to see if you have any job openings,” “I’m calling to see if you received my resume.” These messages are all about YOU and don’t stress the benefit to the person you are calling.

Leave a voice mail that perks someone’s interest. “I have some additional information, that could assist in your decision.” “Someone suggested we talk, please interrupt me when you call back, so I don’t miss your call.” This voice mail is often returned because you made the other person feel important, by telling them to interrupt you.

You can’t do things the same way and expect different results. Keep trying different messages until you begin to get returned calls.