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We offer both Contingency and Retained Search services:

Contingency Search

Sometimes it makes sense for companies to only pay when the process is complete and your new hire has agreed to join. Contingency recruiting is particularly appropriate for businesses looking to fill individual contributor and supervisory positions on a non-confidential basis. At WorldBridge Partners, we treat contingency recruiting with thoroughness, professionalism and discretion. We possess an unparalleled network of candidates, sophisticated technology, rigorous market research and analytics, a holistic communications process and deep industry knowledge. We identify and evaluate prospective candidates who meet your precise hiring criteria. We thoroughly vet and pre-qualify every candidate for your consideration. We present top candidates along with background information and arrange interviews for each candidate you select. But we don’t stop there. We provide experienced, consultative assistance at every step of the way. We work closely with you and with the candidate throughout the interview, negotiation and on-boarding process. Then and only then, will we collect a fee for our services.

Retained Search

Retained Search is the best option for middle management and executive level searches that involve more complexity and when time and confidentiality are critical. Retained search is particularly appropriate when the need is urgent, the hire will have a significant impact on company performance, or new opportunities emerge that must be quickly addressed. Retained search represents a commitment from both sides and sends a strong message to candidates that the company highly values this opportunity. We provide our clients with speed, quality and guaranteed performance outcomes. Our performance-based pricing structure ensures that you get what you pay for…and a whole lot more.

The retained search recruiter you meet at the outset of the relationship is the person who will be your single point of contact throughout the relationship. Our retained search consultants remain with you every step of the way, meeting you at the beginning and following through with you and the successful candidate long after the hire. The result of that singular dedication is an extremely high success rate.

For critically important hires, getting everything right the first time is crucial for success. We listen to all of the dynamics involved in the retained recruiting process, ensuring that everyone in your organization—from the hiring manager to the head of HR—and our organization, are on the same page. Our retained search recruiters are true business partners with your company. By clarifying expectations and minimizing misunderstandings at the outset, we ensure that your organization moves efficiently through the retained recruiting process.

Business intelligence is a critical component of a successful retained searche. To ensure that the candidate you hire will ultimately drive business success for your company, our retained search experts invest up front in comprehensive research. We assess both the position and your corporate strategy. Our comprehensive research evaluates the strategic, financial, political, cultural and operational aspects of the company to ensure we have a firm understanding of the candidate profile necessary to succeed.

Our retained search model is a five-stage process:

Stage One: Consultation

The retained search consultant conducts an in depth needs analysis with your senior leadership team. We seek to gain understanding of objectives you wish to achieve in making a hiring decision; specific experience and qualifications a right fit candidate must have; your company’s culture…what is it like to work there? ; who the new employee will engage with most often and why; what’s most important in the first 3 to 6 months; traits you have identified in people who succeed in your culture and people who have not.

Stage Two: Research

Taking direction from the consultant, the researcher assigned to the search assumes responsibility for stage two.  This phase begins with the identification of organizations nationwide where qualified candidates are likely to be employed.  Further research identifies the appropriate positions within these organizations, and finally the individuals holding these positions.

Stage Three: Recruiting

The researcher next works with the recruiter assigned to the search, evaluating and prioritizing the lengthy list of potential candidates.  The recruiter then contacts candidates by phone.  The average number of contacts ranges from 75 to 200 or more, depending upon the position, the industry, geographical requirements, and other considerations.

Through these initial phone interviews, the recruiter determines which candidates merit further investigation.  Those who appear qualified and express interest in the position are asked to send us supporting documentation, which provides further evidence for qualification.  Throughout this stage, our client’s complete confidentiality is maintained.

Stage Four: Presentation and Interview

We select the three to five most qualified candidates for presentation and interview. You receive an in-depth profile covering candidate background, experience, accomplishments, leadership traits, product knowledge and career motivations. We assist in scheduling interviews and preparing candidates for meetings with your team. We conduct debrief sessions with you and candidates to assess degree of interest and fit…both ways. We work with you to schedule short listed candidates for final interviews and decision.

Step Five: Offer and Post Hire Follow-up

Once you have identified a candidate you wish to hire, we present a verbal offer with the objective of gaining agreement within your stated parameters. After reaching agreement, we request that you structure a formal offer letter we will present to the candidate for signature. At that point, we turn over the baton. After that, we maintain contact with you and the candidate for the first 90 days of employment to ensure all parties are satisfied. It’s important to us that perception matches reality for both you and your new employee.

When the match is correct, everyone wins!


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