About Us

WorldBridge Partners is a global search firm dedicated to organizations that strive to attract high-performance people. Whether you’re looking for a contingent recruiter or a retained recruiter, we can help you meet your workforce goals. Our company was founded in 2002 and has since grown to over 90 associates serving 17 distinct industry sectors. We’re in the business of identifying, qualifying and delivering high-impact players who drive corporate goals, consistently deliver on commitments and systematically increase corporate revenues. We have the ability to deliver that one special, strategic “game changer” or help you secure a staff of 1,000 to build out a new division or support a new product rollout. In the process, our company becomes an extension of yours with one common objective…to locate and land the best talent available at any given time. That’s what makes us one of the most trusted contingent recruitment and retained recruitment companies, worldwide.

Worldbridge Partners is also an affiliate of www.worldbridgepartners.eu.

You can stake your reputation on us. We do!