Oil & Gas

Providing professionals to our clients in all categories from plant floor to C-Suite executives in steel mills, non-ferrous mills, pipe and tube mills, processors and distributors and a wide range of needs in the oil & gas industry.

The infrastructure of our country is built with steel and fueled by oil & gas. No longer a low-tech industry, steel, pipe & tube and non-ferrous metals are sophisticated, technology-driven industry sectors. Energy and in particular, the oil & gas industry are major catalysts in the growth of Steel and Metals with the push to develop shale oil and off-shore resources for energy independence. Our team at WorldBridge Partners, a leader in oil and gas staffing, has been active in steel, general metals and oil & gas since 1993 and has assisted steel mills, pipe & tube mills, non-ferrous metal producers, and oil and gas exploration / production / transmission companies find the talent they need to fuel growth and profitability. We have a deep understanding of your needs and connect your vision to a client-centric talent acquisition approach to help you reach your company and professional goals. Our reach is global in this industry sector.

Key segments we serve:

  • Executive Level to C-Suite
  • Operations – All subcategories
  • Engineering – All subcategories
  • Sales & Marketing – All subcategories
  • Administrative – All subcategories
  • Financial – All subcategories
  • Drilling, Geologists, Landmen, Petroleum Engineers

Oil and Gas Staffing & Oil and Gas Job Opportunities

WorldBridge Partners is one of the leading oil and gas recruitment companies, serving clients and candidates around the globe. Whether you’re looking for oil and gas staffing agencies or oil and gas job opportunities, we can help you reach your goals. Contact our recruiters today for more information.