Providing academic administration talent servicing the arena of education.

The Education Group of WorldBridge Partners was established in 2014 to service the needs of colleges, universities, education corporations, K-12 and technology education as well as investment and equity firms. As one of the leading education recruitment agencies, we know what it takes to place top industry professionals into rewarding careers in education. We take a surgical approach to talent acquisition which has proven to surface the best people and dramatically reduce time to hire. Our higher education recruiters work with a network of venture capital/private equity groups, publicly traded education corporations, and traditional higher education universities and colleges with an interest in top talent to manage their education interests.

Potential candidates and education professionals are encouraged to discuss how we can best serve them in either finding talent for their organization or event, the next steps in their careers.

Key segments we serve include:

  • CEOs
  • COOs
  • CFOs
  • VPs of Academics
  • Admissions
  • College Presidents
  • Directors of Admissions
  • Directors of Education
  • Directors of Financial aid
  • Provosts
  • Deans etc.

The firm also works with enterprise software sales professionals, consultative sales professionals, and management in all capacities that are in the education community.

Education Recruitment & Careers in Education

WorldBridge Partners is a leading provider of careers in education with 13 locations around the globe. Whether you’re looking for education recruitment agencies or higher education recruiters, we can help you reach your goals. Contact us today for more information.