You will conduct a much more successful job search if you are prepared and plan your calls at the end of each day. When you are in a job search, there are endless distractions, especially family members who are now comfortable putting demands on your time.

When you are in a job search, you are in sales – which is a numbers game. You must send out resumes daily, call on resumes you have submitted prior and do everything you can to schedule either an informational or job interview every day.

This is only possible, when you are focused and spend most of your time figuring out what you need to do, to schedule your next interview. You can submit 500 resumes a week, but if you schedule no interviews, you will not land your next job.

As you complete your plan, focus on the efforts that have the best chance of giving you results. Any action or contact that can lead to an interview is best use of your time and should be at the top of your plan. If you are not planning for success, you are inadvertently planning for failure.